Bridging the gap between ethics and neurotechnology: the case of Brain-Computer Interfaces | 2012-2016

We developed and tested a novel and interdisciplinary approach for responsible innovation of Brain-Computer Interfaces. Technical, ethical, legal and social aspects of BCIs are made tangible through improvisational theater. Key words: responsible innovation, value-sensitive design, constructive technology assessment, arts Website:

l’Oreal-UNESCO fellow at the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study | 2016 – 2017

‘The world needs science and science needs women’ was the motto when cosmetics company L’Oréal and UNESCO joined forces in 1998. The programme they set up aims at stimulating the opportunities for women in science. The Dutch L’Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science Fellowships are an initiative of L’Oréal, UNESCO, the Dutch Network of Women Professors,…

Brainfly | 2016 – ongoing

Project Brainfly won the contest Fly Your Thesis from the European Space Agency (ESA) and will perform an EEG and Brain-Computer Interface experiment in a parabolic flight at the end of 2017. We will look at the influence of gravity on brain activity, movement imagery and BCI performance. Website: